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[why]Why Rythm

Check out Rythm features

[get]Get Rythm

You can get Rythm in 2 ways:

  1. Download Rythm distribution pack by clicking here. or
  2. Use the Maven repository as described below

Maven repository

Add Rythm dependency to your pom.xml file:


If you are using SNAPSHOT version of Rythm, make sure you have the following section in the pom.xml file also:


For a complete maven2 sample application, please find it inside the sample folder of the distribution package, or browse it on the Github


A step by step tutorial for new user.

[template-guide]Template Author's Guide

A comprehensive template author's guide book.

[developer-guide]Developer's Guide

The document details how to use Rythm in your Java program.


[misc]Miscs topics